‘Weird’ food coloring that’s not vegan but can still be tasty

An organic food dye, known as natural food coloring , can be used to make food that is not vegan.

It has been used by chefs for over a century to add colour to food, including food for pets and even in the human body.

However, organic food producers say the dye is toxic, and the products sold on the market are not vegan and contain animal ingredients.

Organic food makers are concerned about the colour, which is used to colour foods like bread, pasta, salads and baked goods.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) says the dye has not been evaluated for safety, and has been widely used by organic food companies.

It has been tested on rats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and humans and found it to be safe.

Organically produced foods have a high protein content, with the average serving containing up to 35g of protein per serving, according to the OTA.

This can make it easier to digest for the body, making it less likely to lead to obesity and diabetes.

The OTA says the health effects of using natural food dye are less obvious than those of other types of food additives.

“Natural food food colorings are less likely than some food additives to affect our ability to digest food, which could be important for the health of people eating them,” the association said.

“However, it is important to note that the health impacts of using organic food colorants are less than those for using the same additives in conventional foods.”

The association says the colour is a common ingredient in cosmetics, perfumes, and even toothpaste.

A spokesman for the Ota said the company was “very cautious” about the dye and was aware of its potential health effects.

“We are aware of the concern raised about the potential for harm to the health and well-being of consumers using the product,” he said.



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