‘We need more transparency, not less’

Next Big Focus | March 4, 2020 09:20:28Organic food, not just food produced in the UK, has been growing at an impressive rate in recent years.

In the UK alone, organic food is estimated to account for around 20% of the country’s food supply.

But the growth of organic food has been slowed by a lack of information about what it contains and how it is grown, according to Dr Caroline Alder, the chief executive of the UK Organic Trade Association.

“Organic farming systems are more than just growing food,” Dr Alder told Next Big Futures.

“They’re also producing the healthiest foods, and that’s where the future of food lies.”

But while the organic sector is growing, many farmers are struggling to compete and are increasingly facing the prospect of losing their organic certification.

“She said many organic farms were struggling to meet the increasing demand for food that comes with a globalised, more integrated agricultural system.”

In addition to food quality, organic farming is also a sustainable and ecologically sound way to grow food,” she said.

Dr Alder said that as more farmers adopt organic farming, they may find that the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable farming may outweigh the environmental damage.”

When you take all the sustainability considerations into account, there is no reason why the UK’s organic sector should not be able to deliver the best of British organic farming,” she added.

While the UK is home to some of the largest organic farms in the world, it is estimated that less than one in 10 of these farms have certified organic status.”

We are seeing that demand increase globally, and there is a real opportunity for UK farmers to expand their market share,” Dr Anley said.

She said the UK needs to ensure that its organic certification system is up to date, but also recognises that there are some areas that need further research before the system is fully implemented.”

Some farmers have a range of concerns, including organic certification being open to commercial farming and not being fully transparent to the public, so it’s a balance between being transparent and ensuring that all farmers are getting the best out of their organic systems,” Dr Ana said.”

However, there are also those farmers who are interested in selling their organic produce, and some are actually doing it.

“The UK is also home to a number of other food and agriculture-related industries, such as organic wine and dairy.

Organic wine has been a major export sector for UK producers for some time.

However, Dr Alyn said that there was a significant lack of knowledge about the quality and variety of organic wine in the country.”

The UK has a very limited understanding of the whole range of organic wines,” she explained.”

It’s important that consumers are able to know what they are buying, what the quality is, and what the value is.

We have a very robust organic wine sector, and it’s not just the UK that has an excellent organic wine industry, but many other countries are doing the same,” she concluded.”

The UK can do a lot to take this forward.

We have a very robust organic wine sector, and it’s not just the UK that has an excellent organic wine industry, but many other countries are doing the same,” she concluded.



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