Why the deer meat market is booming again

The hunt for deer meat is back in the headlines after a record-breaking year.

In 2018, the number of U.S. hunters harvested over 6 million pounds of meat, a 17% increase over 2017, according to a report by the Center for Biological Diversity.

In 2019, hunters harvested an estimated 7.7 million pounds, an increase of 11%.

But despite the boom in hunters, the meat industry has been hit by a series of health concerns that have contributed to the market’s resurgence.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that a number of products, including processed deer meat, contain carcinogens.

The meat industry says the contamination is not a significant health concern, and that deer meat products are safe to eat.

But the agency also said that meat from infected animals is not an effective means of preventing or treating deer-related disease.

Hunters say that’s a major problem for their livelihoods, and they’re calling for a moratorium on the hunting of deer.

As of early 2019, more than 2.7 billion pounds of deer meat had been harvested worldwide.

That’s up more than 30% from last year, according the Center.

But it still isn’t the biggest harvest in history.

In 2017, hunters in the U.K. harvested more than 5 billion pounds.

In Australia, the hunt was up by over 20% last year.

And in the United States, hunters had an increase in 2018 of almost 70%.

But in 2019, that number fell by about 30%.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has also said it is concerned about the potential impact of the disease, and has called on countries to limit the number and speed of hunts.

So far, hunters have not been able to stop hunting, despite the agency’s warnings.

The U,N.

agency also warned in September that deer populations are at an “unprecedented” level.

And it also noted that there are concerns that the virus may be able to spread quickly and in areas where hunters have limited access to the environment, like parks and forests.


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