The best organic restaurants in Israel

The Jerusalem Times article 6 August 2018 16:29:50Today I visited one of the best organic cafeterias in Israel. 

 I am not a vegetarian and I’m a vegan, but I enjoyed the vegetarian food. 

I also love that they had a vegan ice cream dessert called “The Vegan Ice Cream” that was delicious. 

The food was not expensive but I did not expect it to be so tasty. 

On a side note, the vegan ice creams were delicious and my boyfriend ordered the Vegan Chocolate Cake with a strawberry cream filling. 

It is also available as a vegan dessert.

The vegan icecream cake was not the most interesting dish. 

I was more interested in the vegan dessert dessert called The Vegan Chocolate Pancakes, which had a peanut butter crust and a vegan chocolate sauce that was good. 

My boyfriend ordered it, too. 

We both enjoyed it.

We also ordered vegan cookies and a chocolate cupcake, which were both delicious.

The atmosphere was great.

There were no advertisements for the restaurant and no staff at all. 

They offered free Wi-Fi at all the tables and in the dining room. 

For a vegan restaurant, it was a great experience.

If you like to cook, this is a great place to eat and you will get the best quality ingredients and the best service. 

As far as vegan food goes, there are some great vegan options in Israel, but this was definitely my favorite. 

If you want to find more vegan options, you can always try the restaurants that I visited in Jerusalem. 

Thank you for reading.

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