Which is the best way to go to a bar?

The answers can vary.

We spoke to a number of bar owners to get the best tips on where to go on a night out, what to avoid and which ones to try first.1.

Bar-themed drinks: If you’re planning to go out with friends or family, consider adding a bar themed drink.

This includes beers, cocktails, tequila shots and more.2.

Get a seat at the bar: You’ll want to be seated at the counter, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the bar.

This is a great way to get a drink or appetizer with your friends, since it will give you a chance to get some drinks together while you’re waiting.3.

Have your own appetizer: If a cocktail or beer is the only thing you’re eating, you’ll want a salad.

Bar salads are often more expensive than the local food, but they’re worth it.4.

Take your favorite beverage out: If the bar has a craft beer on tap, try to get an order of that.

If it’s a draft, grab a bottle.

If you can get the bartender to let you pour it out, it’s probably a good idea to do so.5.

Bring your own utensils: Bar utensil-based meals are often a more affordable option, and if you’re not into the idea of bringing your own, grab an order from a bar counter or bar.6.

Bring a bottle of water: While water is a common part of bar life, if you have a tap, you can order a bottle from the bar counter.

The bar will often refill your drink with water if it’s already been ordered.7.

Enjoy a good drink and a meal: If your friends or neighbors are in the bar, bring them along to enjoy the drinks.

If they’re just hanging out, go ahead and take a drink.8.

Avoid overpriced drinks: While bar food prices are more than reasonable, be aware that many bars are overpriced.

Take a look at the menu to see what you might be getting for your buck.9.

Drink on the go: While most bars are located in larger cities, many bar-themed restaurants are located closer to the nearest bus station or airport.

If a bar has more than one food option, make sure you don’t leave them behind.10.

Get some refreshments: Some bars offer drinks for those who need them.

For example, if your friend is coming to your bar to watch the Broncos-Packers game, bring your own bottle of beer, or your favorite soda.11.

Grab a seat and enjoy the ambiance: If it has a bar, try not to get too crowded or to stay put, especially at a crowded bar like the one pictured above.

The bartender may tell you that he’s going to get to you before the game, so take that as a good sign.12.

Make sure your drink is cold: Many bars will serve their drinks with ice in a cold container.

The colder the drink, the better it will be, so if you think you’ll need some cold ice, get some.13.

Check out a selection of music: If there’s a live band playing, it might be a good time to check out a playlist.

This will help you make a decision about which bar to go for.14.

Bring friends: If all you’re interested in is having fun, you probably don’t want to hang out with anyone you don.

If the only other person you have in your life is your boyfriend, he might be more than willing to go with you, and you might want to make sure he can stay.15.

Plan ahead: Be sure to bring a map and notes of where to eat, drink and play when you go to bars.

If there are other parties coming up, you might need to go as a group.16.

Get creative: You may be thinking, “I can’t go to that bar unless I’m invited.”

You can do that.

In fact, it is actually very common for bar owners in major cities to invite friends and family to their bar in order to have a special party at the end of the night.


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