How to buy organic food in Wellington

The city is well aware of the importance of organic food, which is also part of its green agenda, says the city’s food and waste manager, Sarah B. The city recently introduced a program to help small-scale farmers and their families buy organic, or organic food for their families, through the city food bank.

Bedding and cooking are a popular way to buy groceries, said Beddie, and there are many ways to find organic food.

The most popular are organic restaurants, organic stores, farmers markets, organic supermarkets, organic markets, and organic farms, she said.

There are also many farmers markets in Wellington, she added.

There is also a food bank in the city for food banks and food parcels.

“We’re just looking for good people who are willing to buy,” she said, adding there are also other options for people to purchase organic food through the local community.

It is an issue that Wellingtonians and their neighbours are increasingly aware of, Beddy said.

The City Food Bank has about 30 food parcels, most of which are for people in need, she noted.

“A lot of people don’t know what to do with the food, so we’re really trying to help people understand the options.”

For those who are already in a financial situation, the City Food Banks offer free groceries and meals to anyone who qualifies, Buddie said.

People can get cash or credit cards through the Cityfoodbank, she explained.

She said the food bank had also opened an online portal that helps people find a local grocery store, as well as an online grocery shopping portal, where they can get the groceries they need.

People can also visit the CityFoodbank website, which includes information on the availability of food parcels in their area, she stressed.

In 2017, the city started a food waste levy, which the council hopes will raise around $3 million a year, Beadle said.

“The levy is designed to help the city get a handle on waste and waste management,” she explained, adding that this will also help Wellingtonians save money on their bills.

For Wellingtonians in the area, the levy will pay for the purchase of up to four organic, locally sourced, packaged foods, including rice, lentils, beans, and vegetables, Baidle said, and will also provide a way to pay for food parcels at the city grocery store.

As of March 2018, there are 5,865 parcels in the City food bank, and the total number of food purchases will continue to grow, she stated.

Beddie said the city has launched an online store, which can be accessed via its website, and is offering people the opportunity to purchase local groceries and to find out how to buy them through the Food Bank, as they search for a parcel in their community.


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