Samsung to launch Samsung SmartThings-like home automation hub for South Korea

Samsung is set to launch a new hub for home automation, dubbed Samsung Smartthings, in the country’s capital Seoul.

The company says the new hub will be launched later this year, and will feature smart home-related features including:• An “integrated” smart home system• An integrated hub for smart appliances• A smart garage• A connected garage• The ability to control multiple smart homes through a single smartphone app, with control of each connected home and their associated devices including garage door openers, security cameras, remote garage door locks, etc.

The hub will also allow users to connect and control various connected home appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and thermostats.

Samsung is expected to introduce a smartphone app that will allow users with a Samsung Smart Home Hub to control all connected home devices and home appliances in their home.

Users can control the devices through a Samsung smartphone app or by using a smartphone application on the Samsung Smart Things app.

Samsung SmartThings is currently available for iOS and Android smartphones, but Samsung said that the smart home hub will have additional functionality that will come with a firmware update.

The Samsung SmartHome Hub will have more features and functions than the current Samsung Smart Homes, including an integrated smart hub for connected garage doors.

Samsung said the new smart home hubs will be available for consumers in South Korea, the United States, and Europe in late 2019.

Samsung expects that Samsung SmartHomes will provide the smart hub market with new features and functionality for its smart home products.

Samsung’s SmartHacks smartphone app for Android devices and iOS devices will allow the Samsung smart home app to control connected garage door opens and remote garage doors, while the SmartThings Hub will be able to control the smart garage door lock.

Samsung also says it is working on a new smartphone app and mobile service that will enable consumers to connect smart home devices through Samsung’s HomeConnect app.


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