How to grow organic food in Bulgaria

If you want to grow food in a country where it’s not common to grow it, you’re going to have to go big.

That’s what Bulgarian organic food leader and food entrepreneur Nadezhda Savchenko hopes to demonstrate this summer.

“We need to start producing food and grow it,” she told CricInfo by phone.

“I think the country is really starting to realize the potential of organic food.

We need to work together to find a way to be sustainable.”

The country, where Savchenko grew up, has long been plagued by high inflation, high food prices, and a growing appetite for more natural, sustainable foods.

But the government recently started a campaign called “BELTA,” which stands for the Bulgarian Food and Agriculture Association.

The campaign aims to encourage the creation of organic and sustainable food in the country, and the first pilot farm in Bulgaria opened in August.

The first batch of produce, which was purchased by Savchenko and her family, was planted in July.

“We’ve been able to do a lot of work to establish organic farming and we’ve been given the green light to start growing food,” Savchenko said.

“The government has said that the food we grow is sustainable.

And the government has given us an opportunity to be part of the movement to be more sustainable.

We’re very happy.”

The farm is located in a village called Mihailovo, and Savchenko, who is also a farmer, has been helping with the farm for the past few months.

“A lot of farmers are starting to see this and realize that this is not the normal situation,” Savchuk said.

The farmer has been able so far to produce around 20 tons of organic produce, with the rest being produced by her husband, a small-scale farmer.

The farm will soon expand to produce up to 40 tons of food.

“The idea is to grow up-to-date organic food that is really good quality, sustainable, and affordable,” Savanskyn said.

Savchenko is not just looking to grow her own produce.

She’s also trying to bring organic food to the masses through the introduction of the “Mosaic” organic label, a label that allows the production of organic products in the shape of a mosaic.

This is the first step in her mission.

“Our goal is to be able to sell organic food on the market in the first wave,” Savashenk said.

The mosaic will also serve as a model for other small farms that are hoping to produce organic food for consumers.

“It’s not about the quantity, but the quality,” she added.

“In the past, there was only organic food and there was nothing organic.

Now it’s about the quality of the produce.

Organic food is more affordable, and we want to be the first to do that.”

Savchenko said she’s already met with the government to see if she can be granted the right to grow and sell organic produce in Bulgaria.

“If we do this, the government will support us and we’ll be able sell organic,” Savka said.


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