Eat organic food: RTE’s Top 10 reasons to eat organic food

organic food means organic, but this week RTE has put a focus on the benefits of food made from plants and the benefits that can come with organic.

The show highlighted a new organic food label launched in Italy by Italian company Natura, which promises to reduce the number of chemicals used to make food. 

“Natura’s label uses a mixture of plant proteins and plant-derived ingredients, including herbs, to create a more natural taste,” said RTE Food and Farming editor-in-chief, Stephen Kelly.

“This means that the ingredients used in the ingredients of the product are less likely to be sourced from synthetic materials.

This is a step in the right direction, as we all know that our food is far from 100% organic, which is why many are concerned about the contamination of food and the environmental impact of our food.”

Kelly also spoke to RTE about the importance of organic farming, and how to get the most out of it.

“The key thing is to choose a sustainable way of growing your food, with organic practices that allow the soil to thrive, which will help the environment,” said Kelly.

“Organic farming can be a really good way to get your food into the right hands.

You can choose your produce from a local farm or organic garden and it will produce a much healthier product.”

Kelly said that there are some very specific reasons why people would want to go organic, and it is worth understanding why they would do it.

Organic food is a good way of supporting the environment and helping to save the planet, he said.

“In our own country we are producing a lot of food that is not organic.

That is not good for the environment.

But there is a difference between organic and conventional food.

Organic food is much more sustainable and better for the planet,” saidKelly.”

One of the biggest advantages of organic food is the fact that it is very nutrient dense.

That means that when you cook it, the plants in it are much more nutritious.

Organic farming is also much healthier.

It’s much more environmentally friendly and there are a lot fewer chemicals in the process.

There is a lot more plant life that is eaten and a lot less land to grow.”

Kelly was also quick to add that organic food isn’t just about food.

“There is also organic coffee, organic tea, organic meat, organic flowers and organic produce.

You could make a salad from any of these things.

That’s what the word organic means.

Organic is all about sustainability,” said he.


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