Why organic food is not good for you

In a world where consumers are increasingly embracing organic foods and eating more locally, there is a growing demand for organic food, particularly in developing countries where food production and distribution systems are often underdeveloped.

But as the number of organic farms grows, the amount of food that is grown in China and India also increases.

This has led to concerns that organic food in the developed world may be more environmentally damaging than conventional food.

This year, Australia is set to have the first international trial of a new type of organic food to test the effectiveness of the new technology.

The trial, called The Organic Food Lab, will run from February through to December.

The Australian Food Standards and Consumer Commission (AFSCC) has been asked to develop guidelines for the use of the technology.

The lab is being run by the Australian Food Lab Partnership, which includes the Australian Organic Foods Association, the Australian Meat and Food Council, the Agricultural Research Council and the Australian Sustainable Agriculture Institute.

The trial is being managed by Australian Agri-Food Co-operative, a non-profit organisation that focuses on improving the sustainability of food production.

This is not the first time the technology has been used for a trial in Australia.

The testing of a similar type of lab technology in Australia in 2010 saw positive results.

The Australian Government had also asked for help from the international food and agro-science community to help develop a sustainable food system in Australia, as well as providing advice on how to design a system that would support the sustainability and quality of food produced in the country.

In the trial, participants will be tested for two different types of nutrients, called polyphenols, and then a different type of protein.

They will be offered a choice between organic, conventional and conventional organic food.

According to the APFCC, the test is the first step in a long-term project to find out whether the new lab technology can improve the health and wellbeing of Australian consumers.

“The Australian food lab is a critical component of the government’s efforts to bring about sustainable food systems that provide quality food for all Australians,” it said in a statement.

“This trial will provide further evidence that this new technology can be used safely, effectively and economically to improve the quality of our food and reduce environmental impact.”


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