When the FDA’s “organic food” ban expires

The Organic Consumers Association has been urging the USDA to end the “organic” designation on products made by “organic farmers” for several years now, but this month the agency’s new “organic agriculture” rules will expire.

The group is now planning to file a lawsuit challenging the agency to keep its policies.

“This is an unprecedented step toward the abolition of the FDA label on organic products,” said the group’s president, Susan Smith.

“In light of this, we have decided to file suit against the USDA on the ground that the organic label is a ‘dead letter,’ which means that it has no legal value.”

If the USDA does not change its policies, Smith said, the organization will seek to sue the Food and Drug Administration for the right to continue labeling products as organic.

“We believe that the FDA should simply discontinue labeling organic products as ‘organic’ under the law,” she said.

In other words, the group wants to be able to claim that any product made by a “organic farmer” is “organic.”

The group has already filed suit on behalf of other organic farmers, including a man in Wisconsin who recently told a local news station that his organic wheat farm was actually “organic wheat” because he planted some organic wheat instead of conventional wheat.

“The government has no business telling people what they should eat or how to eat it,” Smith said.

This isn’t the first time the FDA has tried to ban “organic foods.” “

It’s an oxymoron that these food labels are supposed to represent.”

This isn’t the first time the FDA has tried to ban “organic foods.”

Last year, the agency ordered a ban on “organic fruits and vegetables” in order to make room for more conventional foods.

However, the Food Safety and Standards Administration ruled that the agency was “wrong” to allow the ban to take effect, since organic fruits and veggies don’t have the same nutritional value as conventional fruits and greens.

The agency also ordered a temporary ban on the use of the term “organic,” saying that it was “a common misnomer that is misleading consumers and misleading the public.”

That ban is now scheduled to end on September 2.


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